Gaziantep Sanko Mosque





Sanko Inc


Features / Capacity / Area

53.000 m²

Contract Date
2022 September

Designed by architect Hilmi Güner, the Gaziantep Sanko Mosque stands on an 81,442 square meter plot. It accommodates 30,000 worshippers across a 20,600 square meter enclosed area and a 10,000 square meter open garden platform. With a dome height of 120 meters and a diameter of 82 meters, the mosque is among the world’s largest in terms of dome size and interior volume. It features four minarets, each 163.60 meters tall, and a substantial underground parking area. The mosque’s seven porticos are each comparable in size to a city mosque, underscoring its monumental scale.


The design aims to integrate the mosque harmoniously into Gaziantep’s distinct architectural landscape, emphasizing appropriate scale, proportion, and context. Construction began in 2022, and Prota provided structural design, BIM, and consultancy services for the mosque, which has a total enclosed area of 53,000 square meters

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