METU Science Museum




Rectorate of Middle East Technical University


Features / Capacity / Area
3,500 sqm

Contract Date

2003 February

METU Science and Technology Museum was established in the campus of the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. The museum presents the modern technological tools as well as the technological history of Turkey.


The steel carrier system has been used for the construction of the complex. The museum was opened in 2005. It consists of 10,000 m² open space exhibit area and 3,500 sq. meters closed area. The closed area consists of a main hall (also called main silo), a glass hall for receptions and markets, a supplementary building (also called hangar), and a audio-visual hall.


The main silo was designed by Prota engineers. There are four different sections in the main silo: Exhibition of Development of Science and Technology Through the Ages, Science and Technology in Our Daily Lives Exhibition, History of University’s Science Exhibition, and Exhibition of Objects donated by famous people.


The structural system of the building consists of a suspended steel structure and a reinforced concrete foundation.

Prota performed steel and reinforced concrete structural design of the building, infrastructural system design and BoQ and technical specification preparation services.

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