Harbiye Military Museum and Culture Center




Ministry of Culture and Tourism


Features / Capacity / Area
2,000 sqm 

Contract Date
2000 June

Located in Harbiye district of Istanbul, Harbiye Military Museum was built during the last period of the Ottoman Empire, it was named as Ottoman Imperial Military Academy and was built for the purpose of delivering high ranking military officers. In 2000, after the renovation works, the building transformed into historical buildings of “Military Museum & Culture Center” and “The Chief of Staff Military History and Strategic Research Ministry (ATASE).”


Prota Engineering performed entire renovation and retrofitting design works of the building. The museum contains a wide-range of collections of 55,000 objects, including medals, military uniforms, flags, emblems, armored shirts, shields, paintings, and various types of guns.


 Constructed on a 54.000 sq. meters, the structure has a total construction area of approximately 2000 m².


Prota performed retrofitting design services tendered by Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2002 with coordination of Turkish architect Saadet Sayin.

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