Quality Policy

Prota, which has always been a pioneer in the engineering and consultancy sector since its establishment, implements the ‘QUALITY POLICY’, which it has created with its past knowledge and sectoral experience, with the spirit of teamwork and a sincere approach to relationships and a serious approach to duty.


The main purpose of the quality policy is; To achieve quality targets and ensure the highest level of unconditional customer satisfaction.


To this end; Prota Engineering will produce good and error-free services in order to be effective in the civil engineering sector on a national and international basis, to increase customer satisfaction and to create customer loyalty.

Environmental Policy

As a company that is aware of our social responsibilities and sensitive to the environment;

  •  Based on the principle of continuous development and improvement, planning and implementing our products and activities in a way that will prevent environmental pollution that may occur,
  •  To effectively control all kinds of hazardous waste and pollution-causing emissions that arise as a result of our activities and may harm the environment,
  • To use natural resources effectively and efficiently, to ensure the reuse of recyclable materials,
  • To carry out studies and improvements to increase the environmental awareness of our employees and suppliers,
  • To fulfill its legal responsibilities related to the environmental aspects,
  • We adopt these as the basic principles of our environmental policy and undertake to work by observing these principles at every stage of our activities.