Our seismic engineering services are driven by a commitment to safety, resilience, and innovation. We are dedicated to protecting structures and their occupants from the devastating impacts of earthquakes, ensuring that our projects are built to endure.

Being the first engineering company in Turkey to have a special focus on earthquake engineering, Prota has made it one of its major disciplines. Specific fields of expertise are the retrofit design of buildings and large structures, seismic capacity assessment of structures, repair and strengthening of damaged buildings, and software development for structural finite element analysis, design, and detailing.

Prota has been involved in several projects funded by the World Bank, European Investment Bank, European Commission, and EuropeAid, as well as in seismic risk mitigation projects funded by some Turkish ministries including Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence, and Ministry of Interior.

Prota has performed post-earthquake field inspections, damage assessments, retrofit designs, and numerous renovation projects after the several tragic earthquakes which took place in Turkey such as the 1992 Erzincan, 1995 Dinar, 1998 Adana/Ceyhan, 1999 Marmara, 2002 Sultandagi, and the 2003 Bingol, 2011 Simav, 2011 Van, 2023 Kahramanmaras and Hatay earthquakes.

For areas susceptible to earthquakes, we offer specialized seismic design services. We utilize advanced modeling techniques and implement innovative solutions (seismic isolators, BRB’s, dampers etc.) to achieve the requested performance levels of the structures. Our designs focus on enhancing the resilience and safety of structures in seismically active regions.

Prota has so far completed earthquake risk mitigation projects situated on a total of about 15 million square meters of construction area.

Prota has been directly involved in the formation of the Turkish Draft Code for “Buildings to be constructed under the Earthquake Zones” as well.

Besides the cooperative research ventures with academic institutions such as Gazi University, Istanbul Technical University, Yıldız Technical University, Cukurova University and Middle East Technical University, Prota conducts and sponsors substantial numbers of feasibility and research studies, develops methodologies, standards, techniques, and specifications, and provides contract management and retrofitting construction supervision services in this field of expertise.

Furthermore, Prota has an office in Middle East Technical University (METU) Technology Development Center for research and development purposes in the areas of seismic risk and civil engineering since 2002.

Every two years, Prota organizes symposiums on earthquake and seismology engineering. Several worldwide well-known experts and academicians contribute to these symposiums as speakers to share their expertise with academicians, managers and members of selected public and private institutions and universities of Turkey.