Erimtan Archaeology and Arts Museum




Yuksel Erimtan (Yeksev) Association


Features / Capacity / Area
10,000 sqm

Contract Date
2011 July

The Erimtan Museum is a combination of three historical houses situated at the citadel of Ankara. While the exterior architecture reflects the historical essence of these residences, the interior offers a unique museum experience.

The transition between the old and the new is highlighted through the use of Ankara’s characteristic materials. Surfaces made of Ankara stone and exposed concrete accentuate this transition, showcasing the tension inherent in this juxtaposition. The walls of the houses are reinterpreted to frame the museum and accommodate the necessary services and technical infrastructure.

The museum’s architectural approach combines contemporary design with Ankara’s rich history, revitalizing the city’s artistic landscape. Curatorial projects related to the museum’s permanent collection are led by Gul Pulhan and Adrian Saunders, with assistance from Selma Unal. The museum’s architects are Prof. Aysen Savas, Can Aker and Onur Yuncu.

Prota provided geotechnical, earthwork and structural (wall bearing, RC and steel) design, retrofitting design for renovation of buildings and BoQ and technical specification preparation services.

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