Trackwork Servıces

We are dedicated to delivering trackwork designs that ensure the safe, efficient, comfortable, economic and sustainable operation of rail systems. Purpose of our services contribute to the development of modern transportation infrastructure, enhancing connectivity and mobility. In this context, we aim to produce optimum solutions by considering both geometric and trackworks as a whole in rail system lines. We always comply with all regulations and standards, national or international, while also taking into account important lessons from our best practices.

We can design rails, rail connections, under-rail concrete design, walkways, switches and all other track superstructure elements in harmony with each other.

Comprehensive Trackwork Solutions
Our trackwork services are vital for developing safe, efficient, and reliable railway systems. We specialize in designing and engineering railway tracks, providing comprehensive solutions for both freight and passenger transport. Our expertise covers a wide range of trackwork elements, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. With our strong team of engineers, we can develop appropriate solution suggestions in every detail, from the pre-feasibility stage to the implementation stage.

We specify robust rail fastening systems that securely anchor the rails to the trackbed, allowing for necessary adjustments and providing resistance to lateral and vertical forces. Our fastening solutions ensure track stability and align with the operational demands of the rail system, enhancing safety and reliability.

Alignment Design
We carefully design the alignment of railway tracks, taking into account factors such as slopes, track geometry (horizontal and vertical), superelevation and speed requirements. Our designs ensure smooth, economical and safe operation of trains, optimizing the route in terms of efficiency and passenger comfort. By leveraging advanced modeling techniques, we minimize disruptions and improve travel experiences. We can serve our customers at every stage, from the preliminary project stage to the implementation stage. We design all kinds of rail system projects from start to finish in coordination with other discipline experts, especially architects. Also, we always comply with all regulations and standards, national or international, while also taking into account important lessons from our best practices.

It is very essential and important to park trains in railways, meet their operational needs, and plan depot-workshop facilities where all light and heavy maintenance and cleaning will be carried out. We design the routes, track line superstructure and drainage systems of depot facilities with our highly experienced teams, and we can take responsibility at every stage, from the preliminary project stage to solving the application details.

Trackbed Design

We provide detailed designs for trackbed construction, including the selection of suitable materials and the specification of layers such as subgrade, sub-ballast, and ballast. Our designs ensure a stable and resilient foundation for the tracks, capable of withstanding the loads and stresses of railway operations. We prioritize durability and performance, safeguarding the trackbed against wear and tear.

Drainage Systems

Effective drainage is crucial for the longevity of railway tracks. We design drainage systems that prevent water accumulation and protect the trackbed and surrounding infrastructure from water-related damage. Our drainage solutions are tailored to the specific environmental conditions of each project, mitigating the risk of flooding and erosion.

We handle drainage problems at all different levels, including rail system line structures in tunnels, level crossings, viaducts and bridges, with our relevant experts and offer solutions together with the line superstructure design.


In addition, we can produce robust and sustainable drainage solutions even in difficult and complex line structures in switch tunnels at underground rail systems.

Track Components Specification

We specify high-quality track components, including rails, sleepers (ties), and turnouts (switches), ensuring their compatibility. Our designs account for the requirements of operational load capacity, maintenance, and lifecycle costs. We carefully select components that meet industry standards and align with the operational needs of the railway system.