Prota was founded in Ankara in February 1985 as a structural design company by Civil Engineers Danyal Kubin and Jozef Kubin.


In its early years, the company primarily focused on structural design. Over time, it evolved to include architectural design and eventually expanded its expertise to offer integrated project design across all disciplines


Today, Prota is one of the most comprehensive design companies that incorporates all disciplines as specialized in a wide range of designs such as transportation systems, highways and railways, urban planning, residences and office buildings, energy plants, industrial facilities, shopping malls, healthcare centers and hospitals.


Over time, Prota has strengthened its presence by opening branches and technical offices in Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, and Mersin in Turkey. Additionally, the company has expanded its international reach by establishing design firms in Poland, Germany, Romania, and Hungary.


Our expert team, from engineers to technicians, has also worked with the leading universities and consultants of our country and has undertaken many important projects so far and has successfully designed structures with a construction area of more than 27 million sq. meters in more than 30 countries.


Prota, one of the leading engineering and consultancy companies in our country today; It aims to provide quality service to its customers by blending its knowledge and experience of more than 40 years with innovative, contemporary and technological design solutions.


Foundation... The first attempts to establish Prota were initiated by the founding partners in November 1984... The founding efforts of Prota began with serial meetings held by Danyal Kubin, Jozef Kubin, Metin Arkun and Savaş Özdemir on the ground floor of an apartment building in Ankara Bestekar Street.

Our First Workplace... Necatibey Street  56/22... The first initiatives for the establishment of Prota, official preparations and applications were completed and approvals were obtained and Prota Design Ltd was officially established on February 25, 1985...


The First Public Building Project... The first public building project was the structural project of the Ministry of Defense Lodumlu Garrison, which was prepared by an architectural team of METU professors... The first private building project was the apartment project on Dikmen Hürriyet Street, which was realized by Entim Ltd.


Our Second Office: Menekşe Sokak...When the first office of our company became insufficient, we moved to a new office consisting of two apartments in building number 29 on Menekşe II Street in February.



Third Workplace Farabi Street... Prota started working at his new workplace at building no 7, Farabi Street. Prota rent six apartments in the building. The company operated in this building for 16 years.

Prota Computer Co. was founded... On June 20, 1991, Prota Computer Co. was separated from Engineering and established as a group company.


First Project in Europe... Project services were provided for the Flour and Bakery Products Factory built by UNO Holding in Bergen Op Zoom industrial zone of the Netherlands.


METU Teknokent Branch Opened... Prota established its R&D branch and unit in METU Teknokent.

First International Earthquake Project... In partnership with BECA of New Zealand, the earthquake performance of 369 selected buildings in Bakırköy district was analyzed.


Prota Istanbul Office Opened... The first Istanbul office started its activities in its own building in Bakırköy on July 20, 2006.


Prota Moved to Headquarters... On December 17, 2007, Prota started to serve together with computer and software companies in its own headquarters building.


First Rail System Project... Prota has undertaken the execution and detail projects of the Kadıköy-Kartal Metro line. The project is also important as the first metro line on the Anatolian side.


Poland-Warsaw Metro Line II Project... The design of Warsaw Metro Line 2, the first rail system project in Europe, were undertaken jointly with ILF.



Prota celebrated its 25th anniversary with Harem Ballet... 25th Foundation Anniversary was celebrated with the Harem ballet performed at the Ankara State Opera. For the first time in Turkey, an engineering company celebrated its anniversary with a comprehensive cultural event.


Prota Engineering was structured as a joint stock company... Prota Engineering Project and Consultancy Services continued to act as a Joint Stock Company.

New Affiliate System was Switched to Prota... Employees who worked at Prota for a long time became partners of the company. The number of partners increased from two to 13.


Prota 28th Year Symposium “Seismic Isolation Methods and Practices... In commemoration of its 28th anniversary, the 'Seismic Isolation Methods and Practices' was held at METU Culture and Congress Center on February 28-March 1, 2013 with the participation of more than 400 scientists and industry representatives. For the first time, an engineering company celebrated its foundation anniversary with an international scientific event.


Prota Izmir Office started operation... On December 11th, 2014, Prota's Izmir office was put into service. For the first time, a multidisciplinary project company established a technical office in Izmir.


Prota 30th Year Symposium “New Generation of Seismic Codes and New Technologies in Earthquake Engineering”... Prota celebrated its 30th anniversary on February 26-27, 2015 with the International Symposium on 'New Generation of Seismic Codes and New Technologies in Earthquake Engineering' and a ball attended by 300 guests at CER Modern halls designed by Prota.


Prota 33rd Year Symposium “BIM and Beyond: A Digital Transformation in the Construction Sector... Prota celebrated its 33rd anniversary on October 12-13, 2018 with the International Symposium titled 'BIM and Beyond: A Digital Transformation in the Construction Sector' at ITU Süleyman Demirel Congress Center halls.

Prota Mersin Branch Established... Prota's Mersin branch opened on May 7, 2018. For the first time, a multidisciplinary project company opened an office in Mersin.


Prota Istanbul moved to Ataşehir... Prota moved its Istanbul office to its detached building in Ataşehir.

Prota Polska Started Operations... PROTA POLSKA Sp. z o.o., Prota's first company in Europe. completed its establishment in October 2019 and started its operations.


Prota 35th Year Project: Prota-University Cooperation… Within the scope of the "Prota-University Cooperation" project, Prota Engineering started the series of seminars sharing knowledge and experience by giving seminars in universities in Anatolia from Kayseri, but the project was suspended due to the pandemic.

‘Three Finals in 'AEC Excellence Awards'... Prota was selected as a finalist in the "Infrastructure" and "Innovator of the Year" categories at the AEC Excellence Awards organized by Autodesk. The success achieved in 2017, 2018 and 2019 was repeated.


Prota in Germany... PROTA DESIGN GMBH started its operations in Stuttgart, Germany in June 2022.

New Logo introduced... Prota's old logo representing the triple balance was updated with contemporary lines and put into practice.


Prota in Romania... Prota Project SRL started operations in Bucharest, Romania in April 2023.


Prota in Hungary… Prota Project SRL started operating in Budapest, Hungary, in 2023.