Seka Paper Museum



Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality


Features / Capacity / Area
20,000 sqm

Contract Date
2011 May

The SEKA Paper Museum (SEKA Mehmet Ali Kagitci Paper Museum) is an industrial heritage museum located in the Kocaeli district of northwestern Turkey. Housed in a former pulp and paper mill, the museum is dedicated to the history of papermaking in Turkey. It was opened in 2016, offering visitors a glimpse into the country’s papermaking industry and its historical significance.


The SEKA Paper Museum holds a significant historical value as it was redeveloped from a paper mill established 80 years prior. Initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli, the museum stands as Turkey’s first and the world’s largest paper museum, honoring the mill’s founder, Mehmet Ali Kagitci. Spanning across 12,345 sq. meters, the museum comprises 16 halls within a four-story building.


The museum’s collection is meticulously curated, featuring 115 displays showcasing 443 documents, 337 objects, and numerous photos selected from a vast pool. Integral to the museum’s exhibits are the machinery and equipment used in the papermaking process, providing visitors with a comprehensive insight into the industry’s evolution.


Prota provided geotechnical, earthwork and structural design, retrofitting design for renovation of halls and BoQ and technical specification preparation services.

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