Prota’s motto:  “Innovation in Design”.


It aims to fulfill its social responsibility obligations by preserving its slogan. As a FIDIC member, Prota is obliged to follow business policies consistent with the FIDIC Code of Conduct. Design Principles is the whole of the main design values ​​that make up Prota and are thought to carry it into the future. Such as;

  • To improve our knowledge and skills in parallel with the developments in science and technology.
  • To make research and development studies sustainable.
  • To be a pioneer in developing and producing solutions with new methods.
  • To produce fast, timely (before time), accurate, applicable and quality service.
  • To train well-equipped engineers first for the country and then for the company.
  • To apply current standards in our projects and work units.
  • To carry out an uncompromising education policy at all levels.
  • To maintain our management policy that encourages innovation and honesty.
  • To further develop team spirit.
  • To make the dynamism sustainable, which is the source of our success in producing solutions suitable for changing conditions.
  • To provide the highest level of unconditional customer satisfaction and create customer loyalty.
  • To act in accordance with the principles of the national and international engineering and consultancy organizations of which we are members regarding our sectoral activities and to contribute to the studies.
  • To comply with international and local environmental policies and valid environmental management standards.