Marmaray Commuter Railway CR3 Project



Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

OHL-Siemens JV / Kolin – Kalyon – Cengiz JV

Features / Capacity / Area
76 km triple track / 38 Stations / 130 Structures / 5 Depot and Maintenance Facility

Contract Date
2012 February

Prota carried out this project as a JV with Eptisa Servicios de Ingenieria, S.L.

This project consists of the improvement of the existing railway corridor in the metropolitan area of İstanbul, by means of the enlargement of the current double-track infrastructure to a triple track infrastructure and the tunnel connection beneath the seabed of the Bosphorus.

The line connects 43 km on the Asian side and 19 km on the European side, at 14 km from the tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait. It provides a mixed commuter and subway service for the metropolitan area of Istanbul, as well as the integration of the Gebze-Halkali section in the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed corridor and a freight link, which will provide greater availability for travelers that cross the continents. The more than 75,000 passengers per hour will find their most efficient journeys at peak times during which the interval between trains will be two minutes.

The project was one of the most important transportation projects in the world when it was built.

The CR3 contract also covered 38 aboveground and underground stations, 7 workshop buildings, 2 administration buildings, 3 personnel buildings, 6 substations, 1 temporary substation, electrical and mechanical systems, tunnels, bridges, underpasses, viaducts and civil structures.

Within the scope of the project, Prota’s services include;

  • Trackway, alignment and railway design
  • Architectural, interior and finishing works design
  • Structural and geotechnical design
  • Cut-and-cover tunnel design
  • Fire protection, evacuation, warning and fighting systems
  • Electrical, ICT and electronic systems
  • Acoustics and vibration design
  • Mechanical system, installation and HVAC design
  • Emergency evacuation and ventilation simulation
  • Landscaping, infrastructure, traffic and urban design
  • OCS and traction power design
  • Infrastructure evaluation and displacement studies
  • Excavation support and earth works system design
  • Design of bridges, tunnels, underpasses, culverts and engineering structures
  • Design of depot areas and maintenance facilities
  • Renovation, Demolition and dismantling design
  • BoQ and technical specifications services
  • Tender document preparation services

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