Istanbul Uskudar - Umraniye - Cekmekoy Metro Line




Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Dogus Construction Inc.

Features / Capacity / Area
20.5 km / 16 Stations / Depot and Maintenance Facility

Contract Date
2012 July

M5 Metro Line is the second metro line of the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, and it is the first driverless metro line in Türkiye. The line starts at Uskudar Square then passes through Umraniye district center and ends at Cekmekoy Square. The entire M5 metro line was put into service in October 2018. General features of the line are given below:

  • Line Length: 20 Km
  • Number of Stations: 16
  • Number of Cars: 126
  • Journey Duration: 32 min. One direction
  • Daily Passengers: 610,000 (2023 Average)
  • Number of Daily Journeys: 365
  • Journey Frequency: 4 min. 40 sec. (during peak hours)

The line tunnels were designed with TBM and NATM methods. All stations were built as underground. The stations are 140 meters long, allowing for 6-car train operation. All stations feature turnstiles and elevators for the people with disabilities and escalators for other passengers. At Kisikli Station, access to the concave floor (turnstile) from the entrance area is provided by elevators only. Since the system operates as fully automatic unattended train operation (UTO), Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) are available on all platforms.


The metro line is 17.8 km long and includes 16 stations of bore and cut-cover types, a 2.7 kilometers long depot and maintenance area connection tunnel. The main line is connected with Dudullu – Bostanci metro line and Marmaray line.


The design services provided by Prota within the scope of the project are summarized below:

  • Alignment, rail and track design
  • TBM, NATM and cut-and-cover tunnel
  • Architecture, interior design and finishing works
  • Structural systems
  • Geological and geodetic studies, geotechnical studies, reports and excavation shoring projects
  • Mechanical ventilation, heating-cooling, plumbing systems,
  • Fire projects (station and tunnel fire detection and fighting, gas-water extinguishing, smoke removal and escape route pressurization)
  • Electrical Projects (3rd rail, power installation, low voltage, MV system, lighting, socket, UPS, routing and grounding system projects)
  • Power supply, traction transformers and ring system
  • Communication design (KDTV, announcement, passenger information, emergency call, clock, radio system, driver platform monitoring, entrance security, line-wide radio system, tunnel radio and fiber optic cabling)
  • Acoustic Modeling Reporting (building acoustics, line vibration, noise analysis)
  • Environmental planning (landscape, road-traffic regulation, traffic displacement, Infrastructure and infrastructure displacement and drainage)
  • PSD (Platform screen door) and driverless metro design (GoA4)
  • CFD, SES, piston effect simulations
  • Signaling and safety system
  • Zoning plan amendment proposals, expropriation documents
  • Scada system
  • Depot and maintenance facility design
  • BoQ and technical specification preparation
  • Technical consultancy for construction works
  • As-built drawings

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