Krakow Fast Tram Line



Zarzad Drog Miasta Krakowa

Gulermak sp. z o.o

Features / Capacity / Area
4.50 km / 10 Tram and 2 Underground Stations / 1233 m Tunnel

Contract Date
2021 April

KST Tram Line Stage IV is a major infrastructure task to build a new tram line, about 4.5 km long, in the north of Krakow. Among other things, a tram tunnel with two underground tram stations is being planned along the line.


The scope of the Prota includes the design of a tunnel running the main route of the tram line, together with the infrastructure and technical structures necessary for management, power supply and control. The tunnel is transitioning into uncovered access ramps at its ends. There are two underground tram stations designed along the tunnel. Tram station with underground passages in the area of the Młyńskie roundabout is the fourth station on the KST-IV tram line. The project envisages the construction of an open station in a recess, in the separation strip of Młyńska Street. Two subways lead to the station. In addition to the public part of the facility, the necessary technical rooms are foreseen. An underground tram station with underground passages under the Polsad roundabout is the fifth station on the KST-IV tram line. The station has been located on the southern part of the roundabout, next to the Gen. Iżycki flyover. The project involves the construction of an underground facility in this area, together with the site infrastructure and landscaping. The underground station has two underground floors. The platforms of the station are located on level-2. On level -1 a pedestrian subway is located, connecting the four external exits from the four main directions of the roundabout. The passageways allow to change platforms without exiting at ground level. The facility includes public spaces, rooms for the station and tunnel staff and technical rooms to ensure the safe and proper functioning of the facility.


Prota has carried out the conceptual, building permit and executive design of the tunnel scope including two underground stations. Construction work is underway and commissioning is planned for 2025.


The services provided by Prota within the scope of the project are summarized below:

  • Preparation of design handbooks
  • Transportation and track study report
  • Alignment and track design
  • Architecture, interior design and finishing works
  • Cut-and-cover tunnel design
  • Structural, Geotechnical and Earth Works
  • Mechanical system, infrastructure, installation and HVAC
  • Electrical, ICT and electronic systems
  • Acoustic and vibration design
  • Landscaping, traffic, landscape and urban design
  • CFD, SES, piston effect simulations
  • Preparation of bill of quantities

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