Cluj Napoca Metro Line

Cluj Napoca



Romania Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

Gulermak Constr. Inc & Arcada Company S.A.

Line Length

21 km / 19 Underground Stations and one Depot Area

Contract Date
2023 September

In late 2018 studies began for a proposed Cluj-Napoca Metro, municipality signed contracts in April 2020 for the feasibility study of the metro along with a suburban rail network. In December 2022, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure signed the financing contract for the construction of the Cluj-Napoca Metro. In February 2023, the design and execution work of the Line I of the Cluj metro were awarded to the association Gülermak – Alstom Transport – Arcada Company. The construction contract was signed on 25 May 2023. Yuksel-Prota JV was the nominated design sub-contractor in this tender.


Cluj Napoca Metro Line I Project is 9.16 km first stage and 21.03 km total) long and consists of 19 underground stations and 1 depot and maintenance facility.


Consultancy and project supervision services of the underground line, whose design studies are carried out by a local Romanian design group, are provided by the Yuksel-Prota joint venture.

The design and technical consultancy services provided by Yuksel – Prota JV within the scope of the project are summarized below:

  • All branches technical consultancy
  • Architecture, interior design and finishing works
  • Structural, Geotechnical and earth works
  • Mechanical system, infrastructure, installation and HVAC
  • Electrical, ICT and electronic systems
  • All simulations
  • BoQ and technical specifications

Construction work has started and the design and supervision works will be carried out in parallel with the construction. The illustrations on this page are taken from the concept tender projects.

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