Kartepe Intermodal Logistics Terminal Project



Kartepe Intermodal Logistics Terminal Project

Sera Group

Features / Capacity / Area
40.000 sqm

Contract Date
2023 June

Kartepe district of Kocaeli will become the base of a new transportation model, “Kartepe Intermodal Logistics Terminal Project”. Sera Group is implementing the infrastructure and superstructure project in a comprehensive manner at the Railport Terminal in Kartepe, Kocaeli, the new investment of Arkas Holding, a powerful name in the logistics industry.

A huge facility will be built on an area of ​​350 decares exactly in the area where Sarimese is closest to Acisu and Cepni neighborhoods.


The transportation model of containers called “Intermodal” integrated into the railway, Kocaeli will be the logistics base of rail transportation. The cargoes that will arrive at this point piece by piece will be combined in containers here and will be connected to the railway line and sent to the provinces or countries to which they will go. The actual loading station will be here. It will act as a kind of cargo center.


185 thousand square meters of excavation and filling work, and 10,000 square meters of retaining walls are carried out as a part of this valuable project, which aims to create multimodal logistics centers in Turkey and to increase the intermodal network between Europe and Asia with the Railport Terminal investment in Kocaeli, Kartepe.

Prota provided services in all branches within the scope of the facility project preliminary, final and detail stages. Within the scope of the project, Prota’s services include;

  • Architectural design
  • Geotechnical design
  • Earthwork services
  • Seismic engineering design
  • Reinforced concrete and steel design
  • Fire evacuation and fighting engineering design
  • Electrical and ICT engineering design
  • Mechanical engineering design
  • Landscape and infrastructure design
  • BoQ and technical specification preparation services

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