Izmir Narlidere Metro Line Maintenance and Depot Area



İzmir Metropolitan Municipality


Features / Capacity / Area
140 Car Depot Capacity

Contract Date
2018 July

4th Phase F.Altay-Narlidere District Governorship Light Rail system project, 840 m NATM tunnel connection line, 379 m double line, 461 m single line, 225 m long, 2-storey cut-cover tunnel structure, 5 tunnels between Narlidere and District Governorate stations. Within the scope of the preparation of application projects and tender documents for a total of 6.6 km route, including 1 km cut-cover switch and Workshop-Storage building, storage and workshop building;

  • Architectural Projects, finishing works, details
  • Static Calculations and Structural Projects (Reinforced Concrete and Steel Projects)
  • NATM and Cut and Cover Tunnel projects
  • Geological and geotechnical studies, reports and excavation shoring projects
  • Mechanical ventilation, heating-cooling, plumbing systems,
  • Fire projects
  • Electrical Projects
  • Power supply, traction transformers and ring system,
  • Environmental planning (landscape, road-traffic regulation, infrastructure and drainage)
  • Infrastructure and infrastructure displacement Projects
  • BoQ preparation
  • Preparation of technical specifications and tender documents

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