C2A - Stazione Lazio



Sintagma S.r.l.


Features / Capacity / Area

1 station

Contract Date
2022 January

Stazione Lazio is a railway station located in Italy. The station has one public and one emergency entry/exit on the ground level with two underground tunnels.


PROTA performs 3D BIM Model Authoring and Design Documentation in LOD 300 for structural objects and LOD350 for architectural objects..


Within the scope of the project, PROTA’s services include:


  • Preparation of BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
  • Production of BIM Architectural Revit Model
  • Production of BIM Structural Revit Model
  • Obtaining 2D design drawings from BIM models


Note: Design documentation which prepared for this Project re-arranged and won 2nd place award on Autodesk “Effective Layout Preparation with Revit” competition in 2023.


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