Bursa Emek – Şehir Hastanesi Metro Line



Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments


Sogut Insaat & Tasyapi Insaat JV 

Features / Capacity / Area

9.3 km / 6 Stations / Depot and Maintenance Facility

Contract Date
2022 April

Bursa Emek – City Hospital LRT Line consists of two different contracts. First contract consists of 4 stations and a 6.0 km track and the second one consists of 2 stations, 3.3 km track and depot. Emek  – City hospital line is continuing from the Emek station of the existing line and extending to the City Hospital. All of the station and track structures were cut-and-cover. Görükle existing line is continuing from the Uludağ University Station with 2 station and depot.


The design of the entire line in all branches was made by Prota with BIM – Building Information Modelling methodology. The services provided by Prota within the scope of the project are summarized below:

  • Alignment, rail and track design
  • Cut-and-cover tunnel
  • Architecture, interior design and finishing works
  • Structural systems
  • Geological and geodetic studies, geotechnical studies, reports and excavation shoring projects
  • Mechanical ventilation, heating-cooling, plumbing systems,
  • Fire projects (station and tunnel fire detection and fighting, gas-water extinguishing, smoke removal and escape route pressurization)
  • Electrical Projects (high and low voltage, MV system, lighting, socket, UPS, routing and grounding system projects)
  • Power supply, traction transformers and ring system
  • Communication design (KDTV, announcement, passenger information, emergency call, clock, radio system, driver platform monitoring, entrance security, line-wide radio system, tunnel radio and fiber optic cabling)
  • Acoustic Modeling Reporting (building acoustics, line vibration, noise analysis)
  • Environmental planning (landscape, road-traffic regulation, traffic displacement, Infrastructure and infrastructure displacement and drainage)
  • CFD, SES, piston effect simulations
  • Signaling and safety system
  • Depot and maintenance facility
  • BoQ and technical specification preparation

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