Bogazici University – Asiyan Funicular Line



Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Ankara Constr. Inc

Features / Capacity / Area
800 m / 2 Stations

Contract Date
2017 August

F4; Bogazici University/Hisarustu–Asiyan funicular line is a 800 m long funicular rail in Besiktas, Istanbul. When opened on October 2022, it became the fourth funicular line in Istanbul as well as the longest. The F4 line will traverse elevation difference of about 116.1 m and total travel time is estimated at 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


The line begins at Bogazici University/Hisarustu station and heads east to Asiyan along the Bosporus. It is connected to the M6 line at Bogazici University.


The design services provided by Prota within the scope of the project are summarized below:

  • Alignment, rail and track design
  • Architectural Projects, interior and details
  • Structural Calculations and Projects
  • NATM and TBM tunnel projects
  • Geological and geotechnical studies, reports and excavation shoring projects
  • Mechanical ventilation, heating-cooling, plumbing systems,
  • Fire projects (station and tunnel fire detection and fighting, gas-water extinguishing, smoke removal and escape route pressurization)
  • Electrical Projects (3rd rail, power installation, low voltage, MV system, lighting, socket, routing and grounding system projects)
  • Power supply, traction transformers and ring system,
  • UPS system, communication projects (CCTV, announcement, passenger information, emergency call, clock, radio system, driver platform monitoring, entrance security, line-wide radio system, tunnel radio and fiber optic cabling)
  • Acoustic Modeling Reporting (building acoustics, line vibration, noise analysis)
  • Environmental planning (landscape, road-traffic regulation, traffic displacement, infrastructure and drainage)
  • Preparation of unit price descriptions, technical specifications and tender documents
  • BoQ preparation
  • As-built drawings

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