Ankara Yenikent-Ulus Metrobus Line




Ankara Metropolitan Municipality – EGO


Features / Capacity / Area
40 Km / 70 Bus stops

Contract Date
2021 September

Prota carried out the concept and preliminary design works of this project.


The protected bus route (metrobus) project, designed between Yenikent, one of the newly developing districts of Ankara, and the historical Ulus district, was deemed not feasible and was frozen to be reviewed at a later date.


Within the scope of the project, preliminary designs of 11 underpass cut-and-cover and 12 overpasses were made.


The work carried out within the scope of work is as follows;

  • Preparation of design handbooks
  • Transportation and track study report
  • Alignment design
  • Financial and economic feasibility study
  • Geological reports
  • Architectural, structural, E&M design
  • Drainage and infrastructure design
  • Preliminary BoQ preparation

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