Ankara Metro Lines Depot and Maintenance Facilities



Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO

9,3 KM

Features / Capacity / Area
144 + 135 vehicles

Contract Date
2013 December

There are currently two warehouse areas for the Ankara metro system. One of these is a field with a capacity of 144 vehicles near Macunkoy station, while the other is a warehouse with a capacity of 135 vehicles near Koru station. These depot and maintenance facilities of Ankara metro lines were designed by Prota.


In both facilities within the scope of the project, all construction works of Cayyolu facility (Workshop Building, Heat Center, Electricity and Transformer Center, Line Maintenance Vehicles Building, Water Tank and Access Control Building, a total closed area of ​​~15,000 sqm) (steel drive platforms between parking lines, reinforced concrete walkways) roads, pile environmental excavation and pile support structures, earthen concrete and reinforced concrete walls, concrete and asphalt covered areas, existing rainwater and wastewater box culvert displacement, parking lot and landscaping).


Within the scope of the project, Prota’s services included;

  • Track-way alignment engineering and railway design
  • Architectural, structural, geotechnical, mechanical and electrical engineering design
  • Control center, maintenance facilities and main maintenance building design
  • Infrastructure and landscape design
  • Preparation of BoQ and technical specifications

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