Ankara High Speed Train Station



Republic of Türkiye State Railways Directorate

Cengiz-Limak-Kolin JV

Features / Capacity / Area
175.000 sqm

Contract Date
2013 November

Ankara high speed train terminal was designed to serve 20.000 passengers daily in its first year and 50.000 passengers in the near future. The terminal contains a hotel with 102 rooms, an office area covering 6.200 sq. meters and a shopping area covering 24.500 sq. meters.  In the terminal, there are six railway lines and three passenger platforms each at 400 meters long and 11 meters wide. In addition, it includes the architectural design, structural and geotechnical design, and electrical and mechanical designs of the 3-storey underground car park with a total area of ​​​​approximately 15,800 m2 on the parcel next to the train station building.


Covering more than 175.000 sq. meters, the terminal is the first high-speed train terminal of Türkiye. Within the scope of the project, Prota’s services RC and prefabricated structural design, project coordination among different disciplines and project management services.

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