Van 100. Yil University



Van 100.Yil University


Features / Capacity / Area
214.000 sqm

Contract Date
2012 December

The magnitude 7.2 (Mww) earthquake occurred on 23 October 2011 at 13:41 local time (EEST), centered about 16 kilometers north-northeast of Van, Türkiye and at an estimated focal depth of 7.2 kilometers. Its focal region and much of easternmost Turkey lie towards the southern boundary of the complex zone of continental collision between the Arabian Plate and the Eurasian Plate, beyond the eastern extent of the Armenian and Asia Minor fault zones. Part of the convergence between these two plates takes place along the Bitlis-Zagros fold and thrust belt.


The earthquake killed 604 and injured 4,152 people. At least 11,232 buildings sustained damage in the region, 6,017 of which were found to be uninhabitable.


Due to the main shock and subsequent aftershocks, in Van 100. Yil University campus almost all buildings have been damaged to various levels. All of these buildings were surveyed, examined and damage assessed by the earthquake team established within Prota Engineering with a meticulous work that lasted for months. Retrofitting and renovation projects have been prepared for all buildings. Within the scope of the project, which lasted approximately 9 months, architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical design, landscape, infrastructure, fire and geotechnical design, construction supervision services and Preparation of cost estimates, bills of quantities and tender documents services have been rendered by Prota.

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