Istanbul International Airport Terminal Building



State Airports Administration (DHMI) / IGA Consortium Inc

CMLKK Airports Construction JV

Features / Capacity / Area
Approx. 1,5 Million sqm

Contract Date
2015 March

The Istanbul New Airport, constructed by the IGA Consortium under a contract with the State Airports Administration (DHMI), was designed to be the busiest airport globally. It aimed to serve 70 million passengers in its inaugural year and an average of 150 million passengers annually during its first 25 years. The airport offers flights to over 350 destinations worldwide.


Within the scope of the airport project, Prota provided a range of essential design services for the passenger terminal building, covering an extensive area of more than 1,500,000 square meters. These services included geotechnical, seismic, and structural design, encompassing reinforced concrete (RC), steel, and prefabricated structures, ensuring the structural integrity and safety of the terminal.


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