Incek Loft Residence

Incek, Ankara


Akfen Construction Tourism and Trade Inc.

Tabanlioglu Architecture Consulting Ltd.

Features / Capacity / Area
275,000 sqm

Contract Date
2013 April

Incek Loft is a mixed-use project focused on residential development, situated on a former quarry site. The project comprises 1,135 residences of varying types and sizes, ranging from 1+1 to 6.5+1, with areas spanning from 71 square meters to 562 square meters. Additionally, the project includes around 50 commercial units. Spanning a plot of 108,000 square meters, Incek Loft offers a diverse range of living and commercial spaces.


Prota has played a crucial role in the project, providing civil and geotechnical engineering services. These services include the preparation of preliminary, permit, final, and detail projects, construction technical consultancy, as well as the preparation of specifications, Bill of Quantities (BoQ), and cost analysis. Prota’s contributions have been instrumental in ensuring the successful development and execution of the Incek Loft project.

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