Turkish Land Registry and Cadastre Administration





General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre


Features / Capacity / Area

1,800 sqm 

Contract Date

2014 October

Designed by Prota, the service building of General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre in located in Sincan, Ankara. The project was awarded the LEED Certificate, the most recognized and widely accepted green building accolade of the world.


Architectural design of the building was performed by Ekodenge Architecture.


The applied integrated building design approach (IBDA) in this project has targeted to integrate climatic conditions, the capture and the conservation of the free solar and internal gains, the efficient and comprehensive reduction of all heat losses through walls and ventilation, the accurate control of all external energy introduced for providing thermal comfort, light, and hot water. The prime consideration of the design works is to reduce energy consumption and associated GHG emissions in demo buildings by means of integrated buildings design approach (IBDA) and by using Energy Efficiency tactics and Renewable Energy technologies.


To reach the goal, building is first positioned in correct direction to conserve the free solar gains and reduce the wind effects, energy consumption is reduced by using photovoltaic panels. Grey water system is introduced by using the tap water in toilette syphons, as well as collecting drainage water to use for irrigation of gardens. Thus, the building generates its own energy in order to decrease its overall energy consumption through its high advanced panels which are situated on top of the building. Green roof system is another technology that is being used in this building. This technology helps decrease the overall heat loss of the building. By taking into consideration typical climate conditions dominant in Ankara, heating and cooling energy consumption is minimized by designing a labyrinth at the basement level.

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