Turk Telekom Istanbul Headquarters Building



Turkish Telecommunication Inc.


Features / Capacity / Area
21.000 m²

Contract Date
2014 March

The seismic performance enhancement of the existing 24-storey building in Gayrettepe, Istanbul, represents a significant advancement in earthquake engineering in Turkey. This project utilized damping and energy dissipation devices; a technology implemented for the first time in the country in 2014. Steel hysteretic dampers were specifically employed on the exterior façade of the building to improve its seismic resilience.


A total of 120 damping devices were installed in the building, with eight buckling restrained axial dampers (BRAD) on each story. Additionally, 240 steel hysteretic dampers with steel bracing were used on the façade. This innovative approach to seismic retrofitting demonstrates the continuous efforts to enhance the earthquake resistance of structures in Turkey. The Turkish Telecom Istanbul building stands as the first structure in the country to have its seismic performance increased through the implementation of steel hysteretic dampers, setting a precedent for future projects.

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