Tokat Turhal State Hospital



Ministry of Health

Tetis Construction Industry and Trade Inc.

Features / Capacity / Area
58,000 sqm

Contract Date
2017 March

Tokat Turhal State Hospital is characterized by its two distinct blocks, one in a traditional rectangular shape and the other in a more modern elliptical form. The architectural blueprint meticulously considers the structural integrity and functionality, ensuring that the building system operates seamlessly without the need for additional beams in the flooring. This innovative design approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves the overall efficiency of the hospital. To ensure the safety and resilience of the structure against seismic activities, a total of 396 seismic isolators were strategically placed on the foundation columns, meticulously embedded within the double raft foundation slab beneath the basement.


Specific design earthquake spectrum of Design Basis Earthquake (DBE) with 475 years of return period and 10 % probability of exceedance in 50 years is used for the section designs, and spectrum of Maximum Credible Earthquake (MCE) is used for the determination of lateral displacement limits of the isolators.


Within the scope of the project seismic design, structural design and detailing, technical specification preparation, BoQ preparation services were given.

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