Seismic Performance Evaluation and Restoration of Perge Hellenistic Towers




Ministry of Culture and Tourism


Features / Capacity / Area

Contract Date
2002 June

An important city of ancient Pamphylian, Perge (18 km from Antalya) was originally settled by the Hittites around 1500 B.C.


The Hellenistic towers, Perge’s most significant structure, is one of the remaining pre-Roman structures. Dating to the 3rd century BC, this gate, consisting of two towers with a horse-shoe shaped court behind them, was clearly designed according to the defensive strategy of the day.


Restoration of the gigantic towers began in 2002 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Prota performed retrofitting design services tendered by Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2002 with coordination of Turkish architect Saadet Sayin.


Within the scope of the restoration project, Prota provided damage assessment, seismic assessment, in-situ drawings, restitution and restoration and retrofitting designs for the Hellenistic Towers in Perge antique site.

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