Mega Belaya Dacha Shopping Center


Russian Federation


Renaissance Constr. Inc

Features / Capacity / Area
238,000 sqm  

Contract Date
2006 November


This shopping center with a total area 238.000 sq. meters offers a new standard of retail experience for visitors. It offers its visitors entirely new leisure opportunities for the whole family, enabling to combine shopping and entertainment.


Mega Belaya Dacha became one of the largest European family megamalls and won Commercial Real Estate Award in 2008.


Prota has carried out structural design of the shopping center. The building was designed in accordance with Russian design standards and codes.


Prota provided services in preliminary, final and detail stages. Within the scope of the project, Prota’s services include;

  • Geotechnical and geological design
  • Earthwork services
  • Reinforced concrete and steel design
  • Technical consultancy services
  • BoQ and technical specification preparation services

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