Historical Buildings in Fatih District

Istanbul, Fatih


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality


Features / Capacity / Area
284 Buildings 

Contract Date
2006 June

In the scope of the project, approximately 800 “Civil Architecture Examples” (structures such as traditional architecture, private property, residential or commercial use, etc.), “Monumental Buildings” (symbolic and cultural features, corporate and/or foundation property, official and private buildings) within the borders of Fatih District. 400 structures to be selected within the structure) and “Archaeological Areas” (structures such as bastions, ramparts, walls, harbors, ruins, monumental gates, etc. that are at risk above ground);

  1. Researching whether there are existing survey projects and preparing structural surveys of structures that do not exist, damage assessment and transferring them to the electronic environment (on-site control of those with existing surveys),
  2. Preparation of electronic building information forms,
  3. Examining environmental conditions and ground conditions and determining GPS coordinates, (Evaluating the available ground data and maps),
  4. Preparing the necessary data for the GIS base and transferring it to the relevant organization,
  5. Preparation of other data requested by the Technical Executive Board (TYK),
  6. Compiling data for earthquake risk reports,
  7. Preparation of the photo album on the basis of structures,
  8. Preparation of detailed surveys of a maximum of 20 structures to be determined by TYK, modeling and analysis of the load-bearing system, development and detailing of typical reinforcement recommendations. Works were within the scope of this technical specification.

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