Corum City Museum



Ministry of Culture and Tourism


Features / Capacity / Area
5,000 sqm  

Contract Date
1989 May

The building was initially built in 1914 as a hospital. After a couple of decades, it was used as the School of Architecture, School of Medicine, School of Art, School of Trade, Machinery Academy and Ataturk High School. The building received damage in a fire break out in 1988.  Ministry of Culture and Tourism initiated renovation works in 1989, the building reopened as the Corum City Museum.


After the fire break out, Ministry of Culture and Tourism tendered the restoration and renovation works of the building. Prota performed entire renovation design works of the museum. Having a total construction area of 5,000 sq. meters, outer masonry walls of the building was preserved as a whole and a structure made by steel constructed frame and precast panel floors is placed inside. Prota Engineering performed renovation design works of the building with the coordination of Architect, Saadet Sayin.

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