Ankara Portakal Cicegi Residences





Portakal Cicegi Inc


Portakal Cicegi Constr. Inc

Features / Capacity / Area

40,380 sqm 

Contract Date
2005 April

Located in the heart of Ankara within the Orange Valley, the Orange Flower Tower stands as the tallest building in the city. This 40-story residential skyscraper reaches a height of 142 meters and is situated on a 3,500 square meter lot within a total area of 5,913 square meters, offering panoramic views of the city. The tower comprises 35 residential floors and 5 underground levels, featuring luxury residences, an indoor swimming pool, recreational areas, a closed garage with a capacity for 222 vehicles, a meeting room, a lobby, a shelter, and more.


In the construction 3 m thick raft foundation and a solid base was reached after 22 m depth and despite 211 bored piles of 40 cm of diameter.


Prota was responsible for the R/C and steel structural design, quantity surveying, preparation of reports and BoQ and technical specification preparation services.

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