Tokat Erbaa State Hospital



Ministry of Health

Pekerler Const.

Features / Capacity / Area
30,000 sqm

Contract Date
2016 July

Tokat Erbaa State Hospital is designed in an elliptical form, with building loads applied in accordance with architectural design constraints. The hospital features a reinforced concrete load-bearing system and has been specifically designed as a seismically base-isolated structure. The superstructure is isolated at the foundation level to mitigate the effects of earthquakes.


Specific design earthquake spectrum of Design Basis Earthquake (DBE) with 475 years of return period and 10 % probability of exceedance in 50 years is used for the section designs, and spectrum of Maximum Credible Earthquake (MCE) is used for the determination of lateral displacement limits of the isolators.


Within the scope of the project seismic design, structural design and detailing, technical specification preparation, BoQ preparation services were given.

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