Prishtina International Airport



Republic of Kosovo

Limak Kosovo Inc.

Features / Capacity / Area
45,000 sqm

Contract Date
2011 February

Pristina International Airport, Kosovo’s sole international airport, is located 15 kilometers southwest of the city downtown. With an annual passenger traffic of 5 million, it stands as the busiest airport in the country.


The airport’s new terminal building, completed in 2013, features a unique and striking design that symbolizes Kosovo’s independence. This modern terminal, along with a new control tower, road and parking infrastructure, was constructed between 2011 and 2013. The investment in the airport’s infrastructure significantly increased its annual passenger capacity from 2 to 5 million.


Within the scope of the investment, the construction of the new terminal building with an indoor space of 42 thousand square meters, designed as an environmentally friendly and smart building with a perception of modern architecture in international norms as well as 110 thousand square meters apron, new air traffic control tower, rehabilitation of airport transportation roads, parking with a capacity of 1,750 vehicles, fuel tanks and connection roads have been completed.

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