Istanbul International Airport Earthwork



State Airports Administration (DHMI) / IGA Consortium Inc


Features / Capacity / Area
8 million sqm

Contract Date
2014 December

The project, developed in collaboration with ARCADIS NV, focused on controlling the earthwork designs for Istanbul’s new airport, which was planned to be constructed in a challenging coal mine area. The primary objective was to ensure the safe execution of earth fill works, particularly on the runways and taxiways, reaching heights of up to 70 meters, without posing any risks.


Given the complexity and critical nature of the project, meticulous attention was given to checking and verifying the designs with precision. This was essential to mitigate any potential risks associated with the earthwork activities in the challenging terrain of the coal mine area. Through careful planning and thorough design evaluation, the project aimed to ensure the safe and successful construction of the new airport infrastructure.

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