MKE Gunpowder Factory





Mechanical and Chemical Industry Inc. (MKE)



Features / Capacity / Area

1500 sqm

Contract Date
2023 October

As the lead of the Turkish defense industry, Machinery and Chemical Industry (MKE) Inc. has a long history dating back to the 15th century Ottoman Empire. As of 2019, MKE is among Türkiye’s Top 100 Largest Industrial Enterprises. MKE continues its activities with the strength it derives from its history and with a sense of national duty.


Mechanical and Chemical Industry Inc. aims to commission a new Combustible Case Factory with an area of approximately 1500 m² within the Kırıkkale Gunpowder Mill Factory, which will increase the capacity of the existing facility by using state-of-the-art equipment. Production preparation, production, unit room, conditioning and quality room places were designed in combustible case factory.


The Combustible Case Factory design services were undertaken by Prota Engineering Inc. in accordance with the contract signed with Mechanical and Chemical Industry Inc. in October 2023. Design phases include preliminary concept, final project and execution project.


Within the scope of the project, Prota’s services include:

  • Architectural Design
  • Reinforced Concrete and Steel Design
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Fire Safety Engineering System Design
  • Quantity Takeoff and Cost Analysis

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