Metko Ha Bilecik Factory




Metko Hüttenes-Albertus Chemical Industry Trade Inc.


Features / Capacity / Area
5,200 sqm

Contract Date
2022 April


Metko HA Bilecik Chemical Plant Project, design services were provided for a total construction area of 5,190.00 m2. Additionally, (industrial) chemical plant project services were completed for a 3000 sqm new warehouse, an 800 sqm coating building, a 900 sqm laboratory and social building, a 50 sqm security building, as well as open areas landscape/infrastructure (stormwater & wastewater), and the earth retaining structure. These services were carried out for the MetkoHA firm located in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone in Bilecik.

The factory supplies advanced technological chemical products used in mold and core production.

Prota provided services in all branches within the scope of the facility project preliminary, final and detail stages. Within the scope of the project, Prota’s services include;

  • Architectural design
  • Geotechnical design
  • Seismic engineering design
  • Reinforced concrete and steel design
  • Fire evacuation and fighting engineering design
  • Electrical and ICT engineering design
  • Mechanical engineering design
  • Landscape and infrastructure design
  • BoQ and technical specification preparation services

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