Kisladag Gold Mine

Usak, Kisladag


Tuprag Mining Inc.


Features / Capacity / Area

Contract Date
2014 January

The Kisladag Gold Mine Project, located near Gumuskol village on the border of Ulubey and Esme districts of Uşak province, was opened in 2006 and has since been in operation. The project area, housing the Kisladag Gold Mine Enrichment Facility, is situated in the Aegean Region, approximately 180 km east of İzmir and about 40 km southwest of the city center of Usak.


The project’s scale is substantial, with an expected total ore extraction of approximately 535.4 million tons. The annual average production is estimated to be around 35 million tons, yielding an annual average gold production of 13 tons, based on the latest reserve development studies. The average ore grade is reported as 0.66 grams per ton for gold (Au) and 1.5 grams per ton for silver (Ag).


The Kisladag Gold Mine Project stands as a significant contributor to the region’s mining industry, reflecting its substantial ore reserves and production capacity. Master plan and architectural projects were provided by the client. Prota provided the following services within the scope of this work:


– Preparation of structural, electrical and mechanical application projects

– Making geotechnical application projects

– Preparation of BoQ and preparation of technical specifications

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