County Road 4422W Borzymy, Jadów





Wołomin County


Features / Capacity / Area

3,8 km

Contract Date
2023 October

Prota Polska is awarded by a public tender to design the reconstruction of county road DP 4422W along a section of approximately 3800 m, from the junction with DW 636 in Jadów to the tunnel under the railway line in Borzymy, Jadów municipality. Within the project scope following tasks are covered:

  • Improvement of existing road to 6 m wide two-way single lane roadway of asphalt concrete or mastic asphalt mixture surface.
  • Design of cycle paths and footpaths, and pavements
  • Drainage and sewer system design.
  • Reconstruction of existing culverts.
  • Reconstruction (relocation) of the existing road lighting
  • Design of new road lighting system in Nowy Jadów.
  • Illumination of pedestrian and bicycle crossings with asymmetrical lanterns.
  • Inventory of existing greenery and greenery management project
  • Permanent traffic organization design
  • Map for design purposes and other geodetical documentation
  • Geotechnical documentation
  • Environmental and hydrological studies
  • Obtaining the necessary opinions, agreements and administrative decisions

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