Technical Assistance for Urban Development Sector of Afghanistan






T & Associates

Features / Capacity / Area
4 weeks online training

Contract Date
2021 June

In the context of “Technical Assistance for Urban Development Sector of Afghanistan Project” carried out by JICA and Project Team (T. & Associates, Inc.), an online training program, specifically named as “Third Country Training Program” is conducted at July- August 2021 in Turkey, as a part of this comprehensive project.

The general aim of the Project is to strengthen technical capacity of Ministry of Urban Development and Land (MUDL) and the other related organizations.

The program in Turkey comprises the defined subjects on “urban planning system and urban development” in Turkey. Based on the Request for Technical Proposal (RFP), the main objective of the Turkey-based training program is;

  • to arrange and provide in-depth training to Afghanistan government official trainees on three themes as follows;
  1. a) Regularization of informal settlements in Turkey
  2. b) Urban transformation (Turkish urban redevelopment)
  3. c) Housing issue and housing policy particularly concerning policy and measures for lower income groups defined in the context of the project,
  • to be very focused, in-depth and implementable level learning enabling Afghanistan government officials to implement the knowledge and techniques back in Afghanistan,
  • to ensure practical and effective learning,
  • to be interactive.

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