Major Initiative in Earthquake Engineering

Prota Engineering has organized a scientific event on “Earthquake Isolation (Seismic Isolation) Methods and International Applications”.

The intensity of the works within the scope of “reducing disaster damages” and “creating safe cities and safe buildings“, which have become an important ‘State Policy’ with the latest legal regulations, is remarkable. The ‘Urban Transformation Law’ enacted in this context aims to rapidly transform the ‘unsafe’ building stock in our cities into ‘safe’ building stock. With the recent legal regulations, the state’s legislative support for the practices in our country is also provided rapidly.

Seismic isolation method, which is still known as the most applicable method for building earthquake safe structures all over the world, has started to be used frequently in our country in recent years, especially in health investments. However, the application of seismic isolation systems, which are advanced technology products, to buildings requires a high level of engineering knowledge. There are still deficiencies in the legal infrastructure related to the subject. 

In this context, in order to share its past experience and knowledge, Prota Mühendislik A.Ş. has organized a symposium on “Earthquake Isolation (Seismic Isolation) Methods and International Applications” on 28 February – 1 March 2013, on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of its establishment, with the support and contributions of METU Teknokent Management. By inviting a ‘limited number’ of technical experts from national and international scientists, engineers, consultants, manufacturers, contractors and employers, it is aimed to create an environment where information is shared and mutual exchange of views is possible.

In general, seismic isolation systems sever the connection between the building and the ground, minimizing the impact of ground motion on the structure and its contents during an earthquake. This approach ensures minimal damage to the building post-major earthquake, allowing it to continue functioning without interruption.

The symposium discusses the concepts related to earthquake isolation, various methods and applications from different countries, test procedures, and the benefits and drawbacks of earthquake isolation solutions. The discussion will feature insights from top Turkish, American, and European experts in both national and international contexts.