5D Cost Estimating

  • Real Time Conceptual Modelling and Cost Planning

One of the primary benefits of real-time conceptual modeling and cost planning is its ability to enhance cost accuracy and reliability throughout the project lifecycle. By integrating cost data directly into the BIM model, stakeholders can visualize the financial implications of design decisions and identify cost-saving opportunities early in the design process. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of cost overruns and ensures that projects are delivered within budget constraints.

  • Quantity Take Off for Cost Estimation

Quantity Take-Off (QTO) for cost estimation is a critical component of BIM 5D Cost Estimating, providing stakeholders with accurate and reliable quantity data to inform cost projections and budget planning. This process involves extracting detailed quantities of materials, labor, and resources from the Building Information Model (BIM), allowing project teams to estimate project costs with precision and confidence.